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Speedy Crazy Traffic Highway Car Racing

Speedy Crazy Traffic Highway Car Racing: Drive your expensive sports car in fast highway racing. This is a really challenging crazy traffic highway racing game for those who loves the toon city racer, endless car racing mania and arcade games. Rallydriver Highway traffic racer comes fully optimized sports cars with high speed advanced engine. There are different furious racing turbo car traffic tracks.


Select your derby car race and overtake the other traffic as many as you can and enjoy the endless traffic race. Try to overtake the other car closely to get more points but don’t try to crash your car with other traffic to enjoy the endless race. You can boost up your car speed by using nitro. Just click on the gas slander icon and take your car speed on the top.

Everyone knows drive in heavy traffic on highway is a difficult job but not for those who loves racing in the traffic and love to drive on illegal fast highway roads. This is the best game for those who love to drive and drift on speedy roads in the traffic. Download this endless heavy traffic racer game, choose your favorite car and track and beat the traffic to be one of the fastest drivers of highway racing game.

Drive your car through highway traffic and collect more points to earn more cash, upgrade your sports cars. You can upgrade the color, breaks, allow rims, engine horse power and handling of car and buy new ones. You can use horn to clear your way. Drive carefully to become fastest rally driver. If you want to boost your car then push nitro button icon and increase your speed. By near miss hits, distance covered and speed above 100 km/h, you can earn more money.

Drive the sports cars on highway and become extreme racing car professional driver on the asphalt roads. Racing in heavy traffic on highway roads is an amazing experience. Don’t hit other highway traffic it may cause accident or may reduce your car health. So drive your super car carefully on the highway roads tracks. City Traffic Top Racer game is a new generation endless racing games with amazing cars and other features. Get into your car and take control on steering, push the start button and beat the traffic like professional racer.

Use the earned cash to upgrade your sports racing cars and enjoy the better and fast race. Show your best skills of driving on highway roads tracks. The player is rewarded for tricky and aggressive style of race with extra points. In this highway racing car game, there are multiple challenging modes with HD graphics. There are 3 different environments in this amazing game. Download now this racing game and play now this one of the best traffic racing game you have been looking for. Don’t miss this super car racing game.

• Different camera angles
• Modern Sport Cars
• Smooth and easy controls
• 3 Different kinds of game modes (Sunny, Rainy, Night)
• Free to play
• Offline play mode
• Four type of game modes
• Realistic 3D graphics


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